Groupon Killer For Cash

Groupon Killer For Cash - The Complete Guide To 6 Figures With Groupon Advertisers

Groupon Killer For Cash – The Complete Guide To 6 Figures With Groupon Advertisers.

Groupon Killer For Cash is the step-by-step marketing plan you need to successfully convert Groupon past and current business users into YOUR clients.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why tracking Groupon offers is the ticket to better spending clients
  • The single thing you’ll show prospects that will (almost) instantly sign them up
  • What are the 2 most popular niches for Groupon Offers…and which 2 are PERFECT for you to target
  • The EXACT ROI Formula you can share with business owners that sells them like that!
  • How to get to $6500 monthly, steady and fast
  • The Right way and the Wrong way to approach Groupon businesses
  • The single most powerful reason Groupon businesses make great clients
  • How to find primo businesses advertising on Groupon
  • How to find the true decision makers of the business
  • The best Proven ways to contact the business owner
  • What services to offer and which to stay away from
  • Why focusing on Goals Is a waste of time
  • Jim’s most powerful Sales Training Success Secret
  • A ‘sneaky’ way of approaching local businesses
  • A proven series of simple scripts to use with prospects
  • Little-known way to get clients many consultants STILL don’t know about!
  • How to go from ZERO to 10 clients (Jim’s proven blueprint)
  • What Happens when businesses get on the “discount or coupon hamster wheel”
  • The great myth about “Why People Buy” exploded!
  • Slick way to overcome the most skeptical Prospect
  • The 10 minute conversation Jim uses that (almost) never fails
  • Where To Advertise Without Spending Much At All
  • The Best Way to Prospect with Email Templates
  • The #1 Way To Grab The Attention of Businesses
  • You can operate this business from anywhere in the world Because of this little fact about Groupon
  • What part of the Groupon ad clues into the business?
  • How to search deeper, but for fewer clients, and make more money
  • Increase your bottom line over 35% by adding 2 simple services…you probably haven’t thought of
  • With Groupon should you be ‘Niche Specific”?
  • Six Questions you absolutely MUST ask yourself about each business prospect
  • The ONLY kind of email that will work (Send anything else and you’re wasting your time)
  • Getting Referrals from other local businesses, even competitors!
  • How To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook.

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