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Make Money Gaming

Make Money Gaming: How to Earn Money From Live-Streaming Video Games

We’ve all seen PewDiePie and other gamers blow up on Youtube the last few years. PewDiePie himself is reported to earn everything from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000 per year.

That is a lot of money.

The most fascinating thing is that all this money is generated from one core element: video games.

Youtube has allowed thousands of people to earn a living doing their hobby for everyone to watch. Never before has this been possible. Never before has it been this accessible. You basically only need a computer and an internet connection to start!

This book will teach you how to get set up. It will teach you how to create gaming videos that captivate your audience and help you gain subscribers. One by one they will hit that subscribe button and you’ll have a thriving gaming channel that people will know and respect.

What’s inside:
A complete history of gaming. How it began will help you understand how it got so big and also where it’s headed so you can stay one step ahead of other channels.
Tutorials on how to set up your channel and how to save money on games and equipment.
An in-depth guide to branding a gaming channel. This is one of the key steps that differentiates a great channel from a mediocre one.
Help on choosing the correct places to stream for making the biggest impact in the gaming community.
How to become a respected authority in the streaming community and how to build trust with your audience.

ISBN: 1544245556

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