Niche Authority Site Course [Member Only]

Niche Authority Site Course

Niche Authority Site Course – Get the framework you need to grow your own authority site empire!

Do you want to learn how to make an authority niche site that has the potential to earn thousands of dollars each month?

Do you want to see a complete niche site build from start to finish? There are currently 3 live niche sites I share with you in this course!

Do you want a teacher who actually builds and earns six figures annually from niche authority sites?

With more than 30 current lessons (text and video based), and 10+ new lessons scheduled, this course is the blueprint you need to create (or improve) a site and grow it to $1000 or more in potential monthly earnings.

Course Curriculum:

  • Lesson 1: Before You Start
    Getting The Right Mindset For Success
    Check Your Expectations
    Authority Site vs Niche Site vs Affiliate Site
  • Lesson 2: Site Creation Basics
    Select A Niche BEFORE You Buy The Domain
    How I Pick A Domain Name For New Sites
    Getting Your Site Hosted & Set Up
    Don’t Waste Time On Things That Don’t Matter
    Plot Out Your Site’s Growth
    Worksheet: Plot Your Site’s Growth
  • Lesson 3: Starting Your Site
    Basic Keyword Research – The Easy Way
    Keyword Research Video #1
    Content Creation: The Basics
    Content Creation Blueprint: Informational Content
    Link Building: Setting The Foundation
    Link Building Foundation Checklist
  • Lesson 4: Monetization
    Getting Your Site Approved For Affiliate Programs
    Never Rely On Just One Affiliate Program For Your Site
    Creating LLCs To Diversify Risk With Amazon Associates (or Avoid Nexus States)
  • Lesson 5: The Early Stages Of Your Site
    Competition Analysis Basics
    Competition Analysis Overview
    Live Competition Analysis Process Overview
    Finding Easy Keywords With SEMrush
    Outsourcing Content for Your Site
    The Sandbox: When Do I Get Search Traffic?
    Getting Your On-Page Right
    Buying Guides Are The New Single Product Reviews
    Should I Do Single Product Reviews?
    Finding Images For Your Site
  • Lesson 6: Planning For Success As Your Site Grows
    Beyond Foundation Link Building
    Link Building Timeline Checklist
    Should You Use PBNs When Starting Out?
    This Should Be Your #1 Focus For Success
    Staying In Compliance With Amazon and Other Programs
    How To Know If You’re On The Right Track
    Authority Site 12-Month PlanLesson 7: Scaling Up A Successful Site
    Stage One: Scaling Up By Looking At More Successful Sites
    White Hat Link Building Case Study #1: Scholarship Links
    Scholarship Pages Contact Details – My Top 50
    White Hat Link Building Case Study #2: Guest Post Outreach

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