[Real Case Study] 5 Days To $12k With A Small List

[Real Case Study] 5 Days To $12k With A Small List

Discover the step-by-step process that landed us on top of a launch leaderboard, $3000 in cash prize plus nearly $9000 in affiliate commissions, AND customers delighted with the product…


We just bought a cool case study (LOVE case studies) from a well respected guy named David Perdew – and it’s about how he turned a very small list into a 5-day, 12K success being an affiliate for someone else’s product.

This is an INCREDIBLE read!

One of the best case studies ever because he shows you his method of evaluation thought process through every stage of the launch as an affiliate.

The product he promoted was Converzly but this will work in any niche.


Sale page: https://mynams.com/featured/5-days-to-12k

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